Friday, 4 April 2014

Friday Favourites - Flowers

Flowers are a cheap and easy way of adding colour to you home, They are pretty and bright and can add a sense of fun to a room. Flowers always make me feel better, depending on my mood is dependent on what colours I will buy. The one thing I always love though are tulips. A lot of people and even florist don't like tulips but I do, I love the colours and the shape and I love that as they get older the tips get whiter. With the exception of roses and lilies flowers can last almost 2 weeks and I've even had bunches that just refuse to wilt. Tulips are my number one choice and then I like roses but as I just said they don't really last as long. I'm a strong believer in getting value for money so the longer they last the happier I am.

If they are bought for me as a gift, as a surprise from my husband or if I just buy them myself as a little treat, they are one of my loved in my home. I've even bought plants on occasion, I just have no green thumb so they die pretty quickly. Supermarkets offer a wide choice of flowers now and though they are still seasonal there are a lot that you get all year round. a £5 bunch now and then is a worth expenditure too add the smell and colour and life to my home.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

OOTD - Rocking Purple

Please bear with me as this is my first ever ootd post and I'm not one hundred percent confident in what I'm showcasing. I've been honest about my size and weight in previous posts yet words are just that. Pictures are less forgiving over time. Forgetting my insecurities lets move on with this outfit.

There are a lot of days when I leave the house where I want to dress nicely, but I have a limited wardrobe for clothing that hits the middle scale. Smart/Casual, Nice/Everyday. The majority of my clothes are only really good for a single occasion. I found this dress in George in the sale. The colour was what instantly grabbed me as purple is my favourite colour and I have always found that it works well on me and compliments my skin tone. The dress itself was long with a peplum effect at the bottom of the skirt. It was near closing time in the shop and I didn't have the time to try it on so I grabbed it off the sale rail and hoped that it would work

It was a bargain price of £7 so I figured if I wasn't comfortable in it I could just use it as a house dress (how 50s does that sound). When I got it home I was not completely in love with how it fell. it seemed like it had no shape and just hung of me like a towel. I grabbed my trustee black waist belt and viola, it gave me the shape i wanted and instead of a solid block of colour it gave something to draw the eye.

I team it with my everyday monochrome satchel style handbag, Tights, a pretty hair bow and my swarovski heart necklace to complete it and add a little more glam and style. I wear it with black shoes, flats or heels depending on where I'm going. This outfit has turned into a staple in my wardrobe. An outfit that ticks all my boxes and is pretty enough to be smart and casual yet nice and comfortable and yet still suitable for everyday. All for a impulse buy, I'd say that all in all I'm very happy with my choice.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Being a Fat Woman Questionnaire

My friend Ella recently answered this questionnaire that was put to 2 plus size women by Cosmo, The article names 'What being a fat woman is really like' talks about body image and general life around being fat. Ella took the inspiration to answer these questions herself from her friend Michaela and given that I am resolved to be more honest I have decided to answer the questions as well.
How do you feel when other women around you complain about feeling/being fat?
I have no qualms with it at all. We all have issues with our bodies from extra fat to things such as blemishes or skin issues.

How has your body image changed since high school? College?
For me I have always been fat. Even when I was little. I have gotten bigger with the years and this has lead to finding new ways of looking good in bigger clothes, but being big is the normal for me.

Have you tried dieting? What happened?
Yes, far too many times. I lost 6 stone 8 years ago and spent the next 6 years putting it all back on. Mostly I get bored. I try to eat a varied diet and not to cut out on chocolate or crisps completely because previous diets have taught me that it leads me to binge eat my weight in these items. I am currently dieting and slowly loosing weight. Right now I'm just looking to maintain my weight and not get any heavier again.

Do you think in your case your weight is partly or entirely genetic?
Who knows? I'd love to say genetic as half my family is bigger and half is normal. But I think that I just love my food too much and am quite a boredom eater.

Do you consider yourself healthy? Have there been instances where people assumed you were unhealthy?
I am healthy in the terms that I don't have too many medical conditions and none that are solely attributed to my weight. However I am unfit, I have an active job doing lots of walking around but when it comes to stairs, running or any other activities I get out of breath pretty quickly. Flip side is that due to my job I have lots of stamina when it comes to walking.

Are your parents both supportive of you at the weight you're at? Have they always been?
Nothing has ever really been said apart from when I was a child and they could still control me to a certain point. I think they are happy as long as I am and though they may think that me loosing weight is good it has never been said.

How do you think retailers can improve clothes for plus-size people?
Mostly, just keeping the same shapes instead of changing them and causing drowning withing the material.

Do you think plus-size women are judged differently than plus-sized men are? How?
Most Definitely. I think the main problem is the media and their constant haranguing of any celeb that does not eat celery 5 times a day. I also think that as a male dominated society (sorry but its true, women have come a long way and will get equal right in the end, however we are still second to men in a lot of ways) we are more accepting of a man and their choices.

Do you think there’s an assumption made/stereotype that exists about plus-size people? How would you respond to it?
The main one that always annoys me is that we are lazy. Its the same of all sizes, some are lazy and some are normal and some are really active. I hate the judge a book by its cover (skin) mentality. We are all different, not just in our personalities but also in our lives. I think that we are also seen as disgusting a lot of the time and get told that we can't do this or that, such as wearing a bikini. Why not? if a big man can wear shorts with his belly hanging over it why can't we. Everyone, no matter size has the right to do what they want without fear or bullying.

Do you think there’s ever a right way or time to express concern about someone’s weight?
I think it depends on the person. Some people like to told and others would rather not. I don't think I would ever comment unless asked though.

What are the worst things people have said to you about your body?
From being bullied about weight all through school I have heard them all. Titanic Tina was always my personal fav.

How did you respond?
I tend not to think about or worry about it. Even now if I walk past a bunch of teenagers that have a comment on their tongues I either come back with a retort or I carry on walking. It does not worry me. My mother always said that I can loose the weight but they will be forever ugly on the inside.

What have people said (or do you wish they’d say) that would compliment your body or appearance?
I've had compliments say I have nice eyes, boobs, skin, teeth. But I guess its hard to believe. I've never really been able to take a compliment so I say thank you and move on.

Do you find yourself hanging out with women who are closer to your size?
I wouldn't say so. I've had friends with all different body sizes. I like to connect with people on the merit of who they are and not what they look like. That's how I have found my closest friends.

How has your weight affected your sex life, if at all? 
Ah sex. This is truly a subject that I'm not comfortable talking about. I like sex to be private and intimate and where I have never had a large sex drive I will say that even as I got bigger things have not ever changed in that area.

When you've been single, has your weight affected your dating life?
When I was in school I will say yes. But once I left and started having fun and being free then no. I've pretty much fallen into every relationship without looking for one.

Do you feel weird if the guy you’re with only dates larger women?
No, We all have our little likes and dislikes. I think it's just what you like, some men like blond hair others like long legs. As long as the person wasn't dismissive of slim women and liked me for who I was then it would not be a problem.

Do you feel weird if he's only dated slimmer women before you?
Again no. There may be a simple factor to do with humour that he'd only ever found in slimmer women before. Who knows? All I care about is that he likes me, treats me right and wouldn't compare me to the previous women.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Friday Favorites - Blush

 I never used to use blush, my cheeks were always so red that even with a layer of foundation the redness would show. Over the last few years the brightness has toned itself down. My cheeks are still rather red but with a primer and foundation it almost matches the rest of my face and I've been able to start playing around with blush and bronzers.

A. Benefit Coralista    B. Blush Rose Gold    C. Natio Duo - Beige    D. Natio Duo - Mocha
 These above are my current popular go to choices. Firstly Benefits Coralista which I spotted in boots last year. Months went by and either I couldn't find it or I didn't have the money to buy it. Christmas came and thankfully my best friend has the foresight to put it in my hamper and I haven't looked back. It can be built up for a more dramatic look but is great just add that nice shade to your cheeks. It is what it said it is, its a coral colour with a slight shimmer that is great for spring days out.

 Sleeks offering of a lovely shade called Rose Gold is just divine, its pink with some gold pigment woven into it, I love just brushing it on the apple of my cheeks and up my cheek bone line to give it the best chance of catching the light. It has become my go to blush and for £5 who can argue if you run out. Like the Coralista it can be build up for a more striking appearance or you can just brush it on gently for a more elegant and subtle effect. I also quite like giving this a sweep between my eye make up and brow bone to add a little colour and make my eye pop,

 Finally a duo from Natio called sunshine. It has one very light beige powder with a little glitter that I have found great for highlighting or for brushing over other blush if you have gone a little heavy. The other choice in the case is a mocha that is very complimentary for light skin especially if you use it as an under colour for another blush. However its when you use them in tandem is when you see that they are designed to be together. I can create a shadow effect that makes me look like I have much deeper cheeks than I do.

 There are a plethora of choices in blush and I tend to stick to more neutral ones. Ones that I can play with, mix and build up to create whatever look I want to achieve.  Adventurous or safe these are just a few that will remain in my make up arsenal.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Thankful Thursday

There are lots of little and big thing to be thankful. The smallest things can make a dreadful day into a good one. Stopping on occasions and appreciating the things that make you happy is a good way to lift your mood more. So I'm going to share a few things with you.
  • Bright Flowers
  • Starbucks with Friends
  • A Clean Home
  • Listening to music
  • Being Silly
  • Watching the Sunset
  • A Working Car
  • Burning a Yankee Candle
  • Laughing Hard
  • Sound of the Early Morning Silence
  • Options Butterscotch Hot Chocolate
  • Soap and Glory Hand Food
  • The Smell of Freshly Cut grass
  • Checking Mail for Deliveries
  • Dancing to that one song that makes you move like an idiot.
Whatever you are doing this Thursday, I hope that you are having or have had a lovely day and that you have taken the time to stop and look and enjoy it.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

9 Little Words

Home Sweet Home

These little decorative blocks sit on my window sill and remind me everyday to be a little thankful.
Home is that place where you can relax, it is your personal space where you are free to be.... well, free to be whatever you want. If you hate clothes you can be naked (generally frowned upon when in public - don't you know) you can sing as much as you want even if you are tone deaf, Maybe you just hate wearing socks and bras and cant wait to get them off. Its your slice of the world no matter If you have a room, a flat, a house or a palace to call your home, its yours. When you come in from a hard days work you can kick of your shoes pop on the telly and watch whatever you want.

Our homes are what we make of them, but they are us. From the furniture to food in the cupboard it is an extension of who you are and what you like and this makes it personal. It's why getting your home perfect is an almost impossible task. As we grow and learn our tastes change and the drive to translate that to home design is pretty much instinctual. Remember when you were eleven and thought turning one of your bedrooms walls into a collage of Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Dogs and food was a good idea? No? maybe that was just me, and yes an actual collage where I glued them to the wall and resulted in me pinning a Welsh dragon towel over it when I came to my senses.

Home Sweet Home may be just three words that are plastered on mugs, plaques, decals and all other household items, but its sentiment is sound. Home is where you hang you hat (or bra in my case) and you can make it your haven.

Live Laugh Love

Live is an uncomplicated word that we have managed to complicate, to twist. Its simple and poignant, yet overused and sometimes forgotten in the swath of everyday live. Its what we should be doing everyday. Work to be able to live and enjoy life, not live to work. Live each day in the present and make the most of what you've got. Live because life can throw many a curve ball into the works but getting past them and gaining a sense of achievement is quite intoxicating. Live, the simple word Buffy used when she dies saving the world and her sister. Maybe that one is not the best example. Regardless life for enjoying, for experimenting, for making mistakes, for learning, for experiencing and in its purest form: Life is for Living!

Laughing can be infectious and is always fun. except maybe when its a laugh or cry scenario. What I take away from this word is that everything is better in a good spirit. Problems wont go away, but your attitude is what will make or break the situation. Find the funny side of everything, trying to not just survive but to be positive and happy.

Finally we come to Love, in all it's forms: Sibling, Parents, Children, Partner, Friends, Pets or Cake. Love makes us almost unique on our planet, It may stem from a survival mechanism, but it's strong and it's lasting. We act upon our feelings in a way that can make us sappy or crazy, normally the latter. Even though its a strong feeling we can forget why we love someone or indeed something. We can sweep away the emotions and be clouded by bad judgements. No matter what we have an amazing capacity to love and as it was said by Hugh Grant, 'Love actually is all around us'. Even if we don't see it or feel it, and remembering to show someone why you love them just a little everyday is important.

Follow Your Dreams

Dream big or small, it makes no difference. Certain dreams will only be attainable by luck, such as winning the lottery, but most are achievable by hard work and effort. Complacency is the ruin of a dream. Routines are neither good or bad; get up, brush teeth, make a cup of tea, etc, but everyday life will keep on ticking and pass you by. The trick is not to let the everyday life deter you from what you want and to make time to set out your own goals.

You could have a simple dream of having one hour a day void of interruptions or distractions. Your dream may be more active such as going bungee jumping or even starting your own business. We are our own worst enemies and we can so easily stand in our own ways by creating reasons. reasons are more often that not just an excuse that is so rooted into our daily life that we can't see that there are ways around it. So I say that we all need to dream and take the time to realise our dreams and find the steps to achieve it.

So, 9 little words with very big meanings, reminders for everyday to make life a little better.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Lazy Days

Over halfway through my two weeks off work and what I have I done? the truth is not that much. I gave my home a good spring clean, doing the things that get forgotten. I have met up with friends and gone to the cinema. Caught up on the TV shows and read a book. All in all it's just been a relaxing time, with few commitments and all day to do what I need or want to. I don't get this often. Normally my weeks off coincide with my husband as hes in work for 60+ hours in the week, I rarely get to spend more than a half day with him as my shifts are always different and I tend to be in work when hes home. Sod's law, but our weeks off are our own time and they fly by. I get a few more hols off a year than him and these two weeks are my full on me time.

It really is nice not to have to worry about ironing shirts or being so busy that I loose track of how many whites he has left and last minute throwing a load on. Its nice not to be on my feet, running around a huge store. To be able to do things leisurely instead of as quick as possible. The time is flying by, as weeks off always do, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Its a shame that it can't happen more often, but then if it did it would not be such a treat. The beauty of these weeks is that they are a yearly rarity and even though ill be back to my usual last minute self soon enough, for now the time is making me organised and relaxed.